Save kittens while you play!

Empire Kred

1) Shop the sale! 20% of every purchase on Empire.Kred will go to the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington (FFGW) to help this all-volunteer group save kittens.
2) Pick a badge to sponsor a kitten.  70% of each kitten/cat badge purchase will go to FFGW during this event.  Pick kitten, cat, or litter badges to help sponsor kittens, or pick a badge to honor your cats.  Let’s fill the nursery up with virtual kitties in order to save REAL kitties.
Empire.Kred Nursery Fundraiser 2017
3) You can also pick a Kitty Angel memorial to honor your cats. You can change the badge name to your cat’s name to create your memorial, or send a PM to (e)OMDIRECT and she’ll add a heart with your cat’s name to your badge. (Please allow up to 3 days for custom art.)
4) Throw kitten jingleballs to…

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