Eat What Makes You Happy, tells Kornelia Santoro in Interview with Foodeez Junction

Foodeez Junction

In her Cookbook Cooking for Happiness Kornelia Santoro speaks about her journey as well as how she fought off one of the devils, depression, and of course the recipes. In my recent book review on Cooking for Happiness I’d shared why I like this book so much. It’s a guide to eat your food right, even if it’s a comfort food.

This time, I got a chance to interview food writer and author Kornelia Santoro herself. Kornelia loves to experiment in her kitchen. She had already written two cookbooks – Kornelia’s Kitchen: Mediterranean Cooking for India and Kornelia’s Kitchen 2: Cooking for Allergies – before writing Cooking for Happiness. She has won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award TWICE for her cookbooks, and is a food writer for Indian and European media.

Being a food writer and an author of three cookbooks, Kornelia Santoro believes the state of mind affects the…

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