Empire.Kred Leader Jackpot Doubled

Empire Kred

leader-jackpot-banner-1Join the Leaders by May 8th and you’ll receive the Leader Jackpot PLUS all the regular benefits. (Scroll down to find out how you can join Leaders for a discounted price right now.)

The Empire.Kred Ultimate Leaders Upgrade gives players over $2000 of in-game benefits for up to 95% off. You pay once and keep receiving benefits day after day, month after month, year after year. Here’s how:

  • Leaders receive DOUBLE dividends and big mission bonuses from fellow leaders daily
  • When you join, you receive 5 million eaves, 500 Even More Desserts, 20 promoted and 20 scheduled missions, all the pie up to 51, and other benefits to help you increase your visibility and your portfolio.
  •  cropped-shareholder_placeholder.png Pie51  power_even_more_dessert_30 3 stars leader
  • The Leader Shop brings you big discounts on eaves, pie, promoted missions, and Even More Desserts after you join.  Periodic sales drop the price of these already discounted packages to reward…

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