Happy St. Patrick’s Day from everyone at Empire.Kred

Top of the golden acorn to you this morning. May your tree house overflow with golden acorns, green beer and top hats.

Empire Kred

SIr Rudiger is  twitching with excitement! St. Patrick’s Day is soooo huge that it will run all the way ’til Sunday evening ET!

Here’s what you’ll find:

FLYING SHAMROCKS to give new players and friends 250,000 eaves– now with an option to buy some for eaves. (Some people are reporting a problem with this, programmer is working to fix this now.) There may be some more developments coming on this event to make it easier to give away LOTS of shamrocks, so stay tuned.

OVER A MILLION EAVES AVAILABLE VIA ACHIEVEMENTS. Think about sayings and phrases associated with St. Patrick’s Day and enter on a profile to see it you can unlock an achievement. There are a total of five available, ranging from very easy to much harder. PLEASE DELETE PHRASES THAT WORK after you get your achievement – let’s keep the game fun for everyone.


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