Why Invest in the Social Stock Market? #EmpireKred #BlogAThon Entry EKB16

Empire Kred

The sixteenth  entry in Blogathon 2015 is from Buddy Hodges from Orlando, FL , a member of Empire.Kred since May 2015


Why Invest in the Social Stock Market?

What if Social Capital could be evaluated, purchased, and leveraged? “Influencer Marketing” is a hot topic today, but networking (leveraging trust and influence) has been around since tribal chiefs negotiated around campfires. One of the best kept “secrets” among social networks is Empire.Kred .

Connect with “Connectors.”

The social network “Empire Avenue” was recently purchased by the Klout competitorKred. The “Empire” is not only a social network like Linkedin, but it also includes a “stock market” for social capital. The value of a member’s shares is largely determined by influence on other social media, as well as engagement with others.

You can read the full blog post here 

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